Contacting us is easy-peasy. To contact a specific shop, you can call them directly. We’ve also got some Frequently Asked Questions that may help you:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What hours are the shops open?
    • Opening hours are on the shops page
    • Special opening hours (for example Easter opening hours or Christmas opening hours) get announced via our news pages
  2. How do I get to the Byker / Durham / Newcastle shop?
    • There are maps and full postal addresses for your A-to-Z City Map, and the post codes for your satnav / Google Maps on the shops page
  3. How do I donate a bike?
    • Any of our shops accept donations, but for preference please bring bikes to Byker rather than The Journey if you’re in Newcastle.
    • We also have a couple of volunteers who act as collection hubs for us in Berwick and Hexham
  4. Can you collect a bike from me?
    • Sorry, at the moment we don’t have a van. But we are working on this!
    • We do occasionally hire a van, but this is pretty infrequent. It tends to be used for shifting stock between Durham and Byker, and if we can add in a collection or two we do do this. Currently this would only be on a Wednesday, and during normal shop hours.
    • If you have a large number of bikes (perhaps you’ve organised a local collection from friends & neighbours?) we may hire a van specifically to come to you. Please bear in mind though that we have to be discerning, and may not be able to take bikes that are in particularly poor condition.
  5. How much do bikes cost?
    • Details are on the shops page. In general our cheapest bike is around £65-70. For that you get a basic bike that’s been professionally serviced and tested by a trained mechanic. The average price we sell a bike for is around £117 in Byker and Durham, and around £130 at The Journey – we tend to send the more bling bikes to the city centre location!
  6. Do you have a [insert name of very specific part manufactured any time between the late 1930s and last week here] in stock?
    • Probably. Best advice is to come down to the shop though and have a look for yourself. If you’re after a replacement from something that’s broken, please bring the old one if you can to make sure it’s compatible.
  7. Why don’t you have photos and prices of your bikes & everything else for sale on this web site? This would make things a whole lot easier.
    • That’s a good question. We DO list shinier / more exotic parts on Ebay, and that takes up about a third of our Byker shop manager’s time. Sales through our three shops are around twenty times the value, and forty times the volume of Ebay, so if we listed everything we have for sale, we’d need to employ 10-15 people just to keep it updated! Your best option is to come on down to the shop and have a look.
  8. Is Recyke y’bike a business or a charity?
    • Recyke y’bike is a charity, but one that doesn’t rely on grants for funding. We send nearly 600 bikes a year to Kenya and The Gambia, work with over 40 volunteers (a significant proportion of whom are vulnerable adults), give away around 200 bikes a year to asylum seekers, local community groups, other charities, schools, etc, etc. All this is funded through the sale of bikes in the North East. The bikes we sell provide low cost transport (which is also one of our charitable objectives), and have been professionally serviced.
  9. How do I get involved as a volunteer?

General enquiries

Feel free to get in touch by calling our railway arches head office: 0191 265 4197

Alternatively, just pop your details into this form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Please be patient though, our Admin Guru, Savi, only works part time! If your enquiry is urgent, please phone!