Get Involved

We are always looking for used bikes, new volunteers and new supporters. This page has everything you wanted to know about getting involved with Recyke y’Bike.

Volunteer with us

Our volunteers are family. We come from all walks of life, all levels of income and employment, with all kinds of abilities, problems and skills.

If you volunteer with us, we can help you develop or improve the following skills:

  • Workshop – we rely on a small army of willing volunteers to turn donated bikes into shiny, shop-ready rides.
  • Retailing – shop experience.
  • Development of external spaces – some creative thinking is needed to do this.
  • Funding applications – a knowledge of the process would help us.
  • Assisting at events – Bike Week, the Green Festival, Newcastle Bike Festival
  • Digital – eBay, website maintenance and social media.

If you’d like to volunteer please complete the online application form. Alternatively, drop into one of our shops to pick up a paper copy to complete and return. Your name will go on the volunteer waiting list and you’ll be asked to come on an induction day before you start.

n.b. We’ve a bit of a backlog of volunteer applications at the moment as we’re between General Managers. We hope this’ll be resolved in the Autumn, as our new manager starts mid-September!! If you’ve an application in, or are going to submit one, please be prepared for a bit of a wait before we get back to you. 

Spread the word

Word of mouth is the best marketing! If you’ve donated a bike to us, or visited our shops, we’d love you to tell your friends about it.

Why not sign up for our infrequent email newsletter? It’ll give you some great information on everything that goes on at Recyke for you to pass on to your friends, neighbours or colleagues. Oh, and the whole thing is powered by Mailchimp, so you can unsubscribe any time you want to.

Just give us your spare cash

If for whatever reason you want to simply give us cash instead of bikes or time, that’s fine. You can drop your spare change into any of our shops, or you can make a donation via PayPal, which accepts regular credit & debit cards:

However you choose to support us, we’re deeply grateful for the help!